The current economic climate and oil prices are enforcing the Offshore Oil & Gas project stakeholders to re-think their construction process and drive innovation to meet tight project deadlines and budgets. Project stakeholders are aware that there is strong need in collaborating with technology companies to drive innovations across design, construction, operation and maintenance processes. The leaders of the industry have also identified that their accuracy of decisions depends on the accuracy of the data and are looking for holistic solutions for digital transformation.

The event will gather leaders in construction from the EPC, Offshore Oil & Gas industry under one roof to discuss latest market trends, challenges, case studies, and talk about how the leaders in the industry are adapting and utilizing technological innovation that is changing the way how their projects are being executed today.






08:00 Registration, refreshments and networking
08:50 Welcome note by the conference chairman
09:00 Welcome by Trimble
Paul Wallett, Regional Director, Trimble Solutions Middle East & India
09:15 Opening address: Impact of oil and gas prices in the region and a perspective of immediate and long-term effects
  • Outlook of offshore and oil and gas projects in the Region
  • Current trends and future predictions of the market
  • Identifying the current market drivers and trends in the region
09:35 Adopting best practices and rethinking strategies for EPCs and Owners as an effect of low oil prices in the Region.
  • Current and ongoing challenges raised due to low oil prices
  • Evolution of EPC companies and owners to overcome challenges
  • Innovations in design, production and management of the site
  • What will be the ideal practice in the future?
10:00 Opening panel Discussion: Delivering projects on time, within budgets, accurate with least RFIs
  • What are the major effects of challenging and time-bound requirements for the EPC industry?
  • Unlocking the true potential of the diverse options by collaborating with several parties Vs playing it safe by going for a ‘one-stop solution’
10:30 Networking coffee break
Achieving project excellence through innovative technologies
11:00 Technology showcase: Boosting productivity and creating smoother workflows with Integrated production 3D
  • Improving the ease of operations and optimizing the production schedule
  • Enhancing real time control and visibility of workflow
  • Exploring the power of data driven decision making
  • Benefiting from the mobile interface for job phase tracking, inspections, etc.
11:30 Case Study: Best practices and latest innovations to maximize project efficiencies
  • Understanding available technology solutions and tailor making it to meet your requirement
  • Right way to utilize and embed new technology into processes from estimation, engineering, detailing, to delivery
  • Impact of tailor making the technology solutions on the project
  • Brainstorming on getting it right the first time
12:00 Innovation showcase: Integrated design 3D Interface
12:30 Panel Discussion: Future of offshore construction
  • Integrating AI, IoT, mixed reality, cyber-physical systems, etc into offshore projects
  • Identifying the processes that can be automated and learn how to automate them?
  • Collaborating with other project stakeholders in preparing the industry for technology adoption
  • Achieving maximum efficiency with usage of disruptive technologies
  • What is the right way of adopting changes?
13:00 Networking coffee break
13:20 Open discussion: What process can be digitized and what are the state-of-the-art solutions currently available?
  • Leveraging technology and connected hardware
  • Identifying the right tools for your organization and team
  • Discussing technology innovations in GNSS tools, crew sight, labour management, location zoning, laser scanning, Asset management etc
  • Robotic total stations for layout: Automating processes to reduce human intervention, improve accuracy and delivery time
  • Understanding the customizability and scalability of available software solutions
  • Monitoring efficiency, constructability & progress of projects
Tareq Masri, Director of Sales and Channel Sales, Structures, GC/CM Solutions, Trimble Solutions Middle East
Brad Freeman, Regional Sales Manager, Trimble Solutions Middle East
13:45 Q & A and demonstrations of the hardware
13:55 Closing remarks by the conference chairman
14:00 End of conference and networking luncheon